Welcome to LEXCORE International, an entirely innovative alliance of attorneys and lawyers competent in orchestrating and managing the legal practice of international business affairs as well as international Arbitration and acting as ad hoc or permanent discrete Arbitrators.

Most organizations of lawyers claiming to be „international“ are in reality only the sum of each national association of attorneys or law firms offering legal services in many countries or worldwide. This is not new.

The problem with such additive structures is that, even while offering legal knowledge in the addressed countries, they are much less competent in treating the interfaces between the various legal systems.

The greatest challenge in managing legal projects in international business affairs effectively, is not to understand the legal system of a specific country addressed, but to master the often complex interfaces between the legal systems of different countries — interfaces that are crucial in resolving international business disputes and transactions. In a complex world, simply adding together the legal knowledge of several countries is not sufficient.

The world today increasingly requires a new core competence in legal practice, a kind of attorney who recognizes inter- and trans-national challenges and can orchestrate and manage projects over the borders of two or more countries from a bird’s-eye view. This core competence lies more in a mastery of the broader perspective and of transnational connections than in national specifics, which can be secured by involving local competencies.

LEXCORE International is a new association of lawyers dedicated to this vision of international legal practice. The idea of LEXCORE International was born when the German government approved the creation of a new and officially recognized category of legal practitioner, known as “Fachanwalt für int. Wirtschaftsrecht” — a reform that went into effect in January of 2014. During the first academic courses designed to prepare attorneys to be certified for this practice, the idea took shape of forming a new network whose purpose is to bring together attorneys and lawyers with a deep and related knowledge and experience.